Friday, July 5, 2013

a week of visitors.

We kicked off July just the way we like--with lots of visitors!  My dad and stepmom came and Lily took full advantage of having a captive (and permissive) audience present.  She wanted Papa to do everything with her and for her, and he willingly obliged.   Cole and I got spoiled with brunch at the historic Menger Hotel downtown, Magnolia Pancake Haus, Texas de Brazil, and The Gristmill (all delicious!).  Not to mention the fancy dinners my dad whipped up in our own kitchen.  We're already wasting away now that they're gone ;)

Lily got a new pool from Nana and Papa, which we put at the end of her playset outside and made a slip and slide into the pool.  Every day she rips off all her clothes and diaper and runs naked to the back door to "Play pool!"

Even a princess has to brush her teeth (new heels courtesy of Nana and Papa)
Both worn out after 6 hrs. of nonstop play

This kid's hair cannot be tamed
A few hours after my parents departed, Cole's brother Ryan and his girlfriend Lauren, arrived from Houston to party with us on the 4th!  In true American style, we celebrated at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Rosario's, and then caught some fireworks at Woodlawn Park.  I really really love our family and am so grateful they took the time to come out and visit us!  Please come back soon!

Petland may be our new favorite place to visit

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Michelle said...

What a fun week!