Saturday, March 9, 2013

nolan's birth story.

We landed in San Antonio from Utah on New Year's Eve at around 2 p.m.  We never could've dreamed that 24 hours later we would be adding another member to our family.  Here's how it all went down.

After we got home, Cole insisted that we unpack completely.  Looking back, this was a very good thing since that made one less to-do once we got home from the hospital.  Anyway, we unpacked and later that night went to the Wilsons to celebrate the New Year.  We joked afterwards that it must've been a wild party because it put me into labor.  We left around 1 a.m., went to bed around 2 a.m., and I woke up in the middle of the night sometime because the bed was soaked underneath me.  I was so out of it, so I thought I had either wet the bed or my water had broke.  I was feeling no contractions so I laid a towel down and went right back to sleep.

Taken around midnight NYE  

I woke up with Lily the next morning, fed her breakfast, did the dishes, and all the while I was leaking water.  I finally decided at about 9:30 to call my doctor.  There was another doctor on call, and when I told her what was happening, she asked if I had a previous c-section.  When I said yes, she said, "Of course you did."  Apparently it's pretty common for pre C-sections to break their water.  She said to come in and get checked.

At this point, I woke Cole up and told him what was going on.  We were both trying to be level-headed about it, and didn't want to tell anyone, just in case it was a false alarm.  We didn't even pack a bag because I thought it seemed too dramatic.  We both got ready.  I was determined to shower and put on make-up just in case it was the real deal though.  Priorities, right?  We didn't have a babysitter, but I was photo-ready haha.  I remember thinking the whole time: This can't be happening today.  Nothing is ready.  There's so much to do.  I was in disbelief, and yet I put my make-up and other toiletries to the side of the sink where Cole could find them easily if he had to come back for a bag.

We went in around noon with Lily in tow.  I went back for testing, Cole and Lily went to the food court.  Within about 30 minutes, the nurse broke the news that my water had indeed broken and that we'd be having a baby that day.  I asked if we'd have time to get a sitter and get a bag packed.  They said we had an hour basically to get ready.  I called Cole, he brought Lily back into triage for a few minutes while we called around to find a babysitter.  I'll never forget how kind our friends were.  I called the Rupps and Rodgers and left voicemails.  They quickly called us back, but not before the Jubers answered.  Before I could even tell Valorie I was in the hospital, she said "I'll be over to your place in 10 minutes!"  I was so grateful for her quick willingness to help.  She came to the hospital and picked up Lily.  It was emotional for me to say goodbye to Lily knowing that things were going to change for her and our little family.  We called around to our family to break the good news.  I tried to wrap my head around the idea that Nolan would be coming so early.  We had nothing prepared at home and had barely made it back from Utah.  It was and is still crazy to think about sometimes.  I think Cole and I were a little giddy though.  He was a New Years baby and 3.5 weeks early.  Talk about a dramatic entrance!

By 1:42 p.m. I was getting an epidural and had felt no contractions at all.  It was amazing and so different from my first birth experience.  I was alert the whole time.  The only discomfort I felt was some shortness of breath, like someone was sitting on my chest.  I told the anesthesiologist; they shot me with something, and the heaviness went away.  I felt a lot of pressure and pushing, but no pain.  Cole held my hand the whole time and kept asking if I was feeling okay.  Soon the doctor said to me "We're almost to your baby, Skinny."  Then after a lot of yanking and pushing, I heard his little cry and Cole and I cried too.  At 2:20 p.m. Nolan was born a healthy 7 lbs. 1 oz and 19.5 inches long.  They brought him around all gooey, and I felt so much love for him instantly.  I laid there patiently as they stitched me up.  I was able to hold him on the way back to my room.  They put him under a heat lamp because he was cold, and Cole and I just looked at him.  I think we still couldn't believe we had a baby.  The room was quiet, just us three.  It was really special.

Cole went and got Lily that night from the Jubers and brought her to meet Nolan for the first time.  She seemed pretty happy about him.  She'd smile, point and say, "Baby!"  She was so sweet with him from the beginning.  That night, Lily stayed with the Rodgers.  Cole's mom flew in the next day.  It was hard on Lily because of all the moving from person to person and how suddenly her little world was turned upside down, but she's always been sweet with Nolan and hasn't really shown any jealousy towards him.

Except some nausea, the recovery process was so much better than the first time.  I was able to get up and move around the next day, and they had me doing 3 laps 3x a day.  I showered and did my makeup everyday I was in the hospital, which felt great.  I remember with Lily, my emotions were all over the place.  This time, I felt so positive and alert.  Nolan was a sweetheart from the beginning.  One night I heard a baby screaming coming down the hall.  I thought for sure my good luck had ended and that was Nolan, but the nurse was wheeling two babies down the hall and the screaming baby belonged to my neighbor.  Whew!  We finally named him on the very last day we were at the hospital.  We picked his name out of an unused vomit bag (we didn't have a hat handy).  Fate decided between Nolan and Parker, and Nolan won.  It was a crazy turn of events, but I'm so glad he came early.  My due date came and went, and I just feel so grateful for all the extra time we've gotten to spend with him.


Heather said...

Love it!!! You are fab, Meg!! Also, I find it hilarious that your water broke, and you just laid down a towel like it's no big deal haha...calmest laboring woman ever! And, was it you the doc was calling skinny? If so, that is so funny, not sure labor is the time to be handing out nicknames!

Mariley Johnson said...

So sweet! Congratulations!

Jana Porter said...

love this! thanks for sharing. my aunt and uncle are moving to san antonio, near the temple. so maybe we can come and visit!