Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2 months + some catching up

Since I blogged last, three groups of visitors have come and gone, we celebrated my 26th birthday, our fourth anniversary, Valentine's day, and Nolan's blessing.  My baby boy is somehow two months already, and my baby girl is literally days away from turning two!  Life, please slow down!

Here's my sad attempt at catch up:

Nolan is 2 months.  He rarely cries except when he's hungry, but most of the time he's a happy little guy.  He's such a good eater and has the chunk to prove it.  He's started to "talk," and sounds like a sweet little owl with his "hoos" and "ows."  He smiles so much.  Full-on tongue-out, eyes squinted, chins doubled, big cheesy grins.  I love them so much.  He sleeps so well.  I've really been spoiled and attribute the relatively easy transition to him and how well he sleeps.  He falls asleep on his own pretty well, and at night, I'll bring him into bed with me to eat and we both fall asleep until about 6 a.m.

Yesterday was Nolan's blessing day.  Cole gave such a beautiful blessing and just like Lily's blessing day, it was one of the happiest of my life.  It's days like that that make me reflect on the blessings of the gospel and fill me with so much gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father, for family, and for motherhood.

Cole's mom, dad, and brother, Blake, all came for the blessing.  We spent the weekend eating good food, watching movies, and letting Blake take care of our children (thanks Uncle Blake!)

It was hard to say goodbye to our family, and we can't wait til we can see them again.



Love that family. And so glad Nolan has been a good baby for you! It's making me consider a second and hoping for the same goodness. And you're so pretty!

jeff & mal said...

Looks like a fun day, your little family is gorgeous!