Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20/21 months.

In just about a week, Lily will be 21 months.  I wish I could bottle her up just as she is at this age because she is so funny and sweet.  Her ability to understand and communicate has been SO fun, and makes for a happier us!

  • Some of her words: bubbles, binky, yucky, sticky, fish, shoes, socks, kitty, tree, books, "ssiide" and "side" translated as outside and slide... notice the subtle distinction ;) , car, truck, Santa, Jesus, Nana, Grampa, Dada, Mama, Boots (from Dora the Explorer), and "uh huh" and "mhmm" in the affirmative (which cracks me up),  - all of which she'll say voluntarily without hearing them first
  • She knows her shapes pretty well and can put all of them correctly in her ShapeSorter bucket
  • She loves her baby doll and takes it to bed with her every night.  She "changes" Baby's diaper, tries to feed her, gives her hugs and pats her back.  I'm hoping this affection for babies transfers when the baby is real, and she has to share the limelight with it.
  • She's started watching The Little Mermaid
  • She only gets her binky at nap and bedtime and puts it down in her crib before she gets out
  • She pretends to take pictures by holding up a cell phone and saying, "Cheese!"  I wonder where she learned that?
  • She smiles and laughs all the time and will get this mischievous gleam in her eyes
I feel like I can talk to her and she understands a lot, if not most, of what I'm saying.  It still amazes me when I stop and think of how much she's grown and changed in just 20 short months.  It's hard to believe she was once an infant, and it's hard for me to grasp how I'm going to do the infant thing again. In some ways that feels so long ago, but also like it was just yesterday.  Any suggestions from second-time parents out there?  Anyway, I could go on about Lily, but the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  She's a crazyface, our joy, and we love her :)

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Stephanie said...

A little advise I wish someone would have told me, Brighton had just turned 2 when I had nix and although he seemed like such a BIG boy compared to nix he was still such a baby. Just keep that in mind i guess.? I'm sure she will be a great big(little) sister. :)