Thursday, November 1, 2012

how to make a monster's inc boo costume

Halloween this year was so exciting because I decided to make a homemade costume for Lily (with Cole's help, of course).  I feel pretty proud of the result.  Lily loves Monsters, Inc. and so I thought it only fitting with my current round state to go as Mike Wazowski, Cole as Sully, and Lily as Boo from the movie.  I found this tutorial online, read some other methods here, and we added some of our own modifications to make Lily's costume.  For Cole's Sully hat, I found one I liked on Etsy and then asked my incredibly talented stepsister, Lindsay, to make it for me.  She did it without a pattern and for free! Amazing!  Since I finished Lily's costume about 30 minutes before our church Trunk-or-Treat, I knew I had to make my costume as simply as possible.  I found this blog, whose very sweet and helpful owner sent me a blown up picture of Mike's eye and mouth.  I just printed, cut, and taped it onto a green shirt from Joann's after laminating it.  Lily got so excited when she saw my shirt.  She kept running up and giving Mike kisses.  The Trunk-or-Treat was a little crazy because I was in charge of planning it with two other congregations of my church.  Sadly Cole had to take Lily home early, and she didn't even get to practice her candy-grabbing skills for Halloween night, but that didn't seem to slow her down much. 

Halloween was so fun!  We got together with the Jensens and Andersons for a little pizza and treats party.  Their girls are both almost exactly the same age as Lily, and it was so cute to see them trick-or-treat for the first time together.  People recognized Lily's costume and would say, "Hey! It's Boo!" or "She looks just like the little girl from the movie!"  She cracked us up because she would clutch a piece of candy in her hand, and refuse to put it in her bag until we got to the next house, and she was certain she would get more.  We'd ask her if she wanted to get more candy and she'd enthusiastically reply, "Ya!"  The girls stayed up way past their bedtimes in a state of sugary bliss.  Lily got a tootsie roll, some M&Ms, and a lollipop from her loot.  I'm pretty sure it's been the greatest night yet of her little life.

 The two "Boo"s and Raggedy Ann

 And what's Halloween without a little crying?

Happy Halloween!



She's such a doll! And I'm impressed with your costume creating skills! I could never do that.

Jill said...

What a fun Halloween! Lily's costume really is amazing :)