Monday, October 22, 2012

19 months + a pregnancy update.

I am loving Lily at 19 months.  I love when we're sitting on the couch together, and she grabs my hands one at a time and wraps them around either side of her, and then nestles into my side.  It's like she's buckling up for a cuddle.  It melts my heart every time.

I love how she pats my back when she hugs me.

I love all the new words she picks up.  Some new words include: "meow," "bok bok," "baa," "bath," "bess you!" "bapple," "woahh!" "mouse," and "Beast" because that's her new favorite movie. 

I love that she has opinions and can tell me if she wants apples, or eggs, or both.  When she doesn't want either, it gets a little more complicated and sometimes more frustrating, but I love that she can communicate with me better than ever before. 

She loves her books.  Her favorites right now are "Goodnight Moon," "The Monster at the End of this Book," "Let's Go to the Zoo," "Dora's Bedtime Adventures," and Bright Baby's "First 100 Words."

She also loves her movies.  The Wizard of Oz, Monsters, Inc., and most recently, Beauty and the Beast. She knows one-liners (as in "Boo!" "Uh oh," "Helloo," and "Ahh!") from the movies and will say them with the characters, and she always laughs at the same parts.  

She loves to jump up in the air.  She squats so low and gives it all her energy, and her little feet barely leave the ground, if at all.  But she always looks so pleased with herself.

She loves to stand on our kitchen chairs and take little tastes of food from us. 

We've started timeouts, and they're working for us (hurray!)

She is so loving, expressive, playful, opinionated, and stubborn.

I get a little nostalgic and even sad at times to think that the days of just Lily and I pal-ing around together are coming to an end.  I love spending my days with her.  I realize our time as just a family of three is special, but I also know that somehow it'll only get better when we add this new little guy.  I swear my doctor has misdiagnosed my due date because I feel so much bigger this time around.  Below is a comparison of me at 26 weeks, 2 days with Lily (L) and 26 weeks, 1 day now (R).  I feel him move a lot now, and I love lying in bed at night and feeling him kick.  It's just about the only alone time I have to just stop and think only about him.  I'm excited for both of our little ones to meet.  I have a feeling that's where the joy will really multiply--in watching them together.