Monday, September 24, 2012

18 months.

Lily is 18 months! Hard to believe considering I used to see kids in Nursery and think they seemed so grown up, and now my baby's in there. Crazy.

She currently:
  • Loves to hide under blankets and pillows
  • Uses most anything as a phone - remotes, keys, baby dolls, my iPhone - and talks and talks like she knows exactly what she's saying
  • Still loves her binky and strokes the top of it like a mustache
  • Loves playing in the fridge, rearranging the condiments and sitting down by the fruits and veggies
  • Still loves The Wizard of Oz, but has added Monsters, Inc. as her new favorite
  • Makes animal noises "Mmm" for a cow, " "Aah Aah" for a monkey, "Hee!" for a horse, and "Woo" for a dog. She also puts her hand in front of her nose like a trunk and makes a spitting/trumpet noise for an elephant
  • She floats her hand through the air and very quietly says, "Whoosh" for an airplane
  • Puts her finger to her lips and says, "Shh"
  • Covers and uncovers her eyes and says, "Boo!"
  • Blows kisses when we tell her to say, "Love you"
  • She has to yell "Grampa!"and says, "Gramma," "Byes," "Noo," and can pretty much mimic most words we say
  • Giggles at random things, which I love
This stage has been so fun (and sometimes challenging) with her newfound opinions, personality, and understanding. I'm so proud to be her mama. I love seeing her grow, but sometimes wish she'd hold off for a little while.

Thanks to Alex Shipp for taking and sharing your beautiful pictures!

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