Saturday, August 18, 2012

17 months.

Lily at 17 months goes a little something like this:

  • So talkative. A list of her words include "Hi," "Buh-Bye," or just "Bye," "Bay-beee," "Peeths" (Please), "Tankoo" (Thank You), "M-amen" (Amen), "Baww" (Ball), "Cll Cll Cl" (Crocodile), "Uh Oh, ""Jesus" "Mama," and "Dada"
  • Nods or shakes her head to respond to us.
  • Blows kisses with a big "Mwahh!"
  • Does front rollovers (Cole taught her this)
  • Spins around in circles and falls over, then gets up and does it again (Cole also taught her this)
  • So head-strong. She wants to do it her way, with no help from anyone.
  • Insists on watching The Wizard of Oz every day. 
  • Loves the water, whether it's swimming, bathing, or being showered in it
She's a smart cookie and usually so happy and giggly, especially when she's with her best friend Aubrey. Sadly, I haven't had a whole lot of time to take 17 month pictures, so thanks Allison for the pic. Happy 17 months, Lils!

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Michelle said...

That picture is so darn cute! I love it!