Friday, August 24, 2012

Harry Potter World!

Well, I loved Harry Potter World. Perhaps the most obvious and inevitable statement...ever. My only complaint is that it isn't bigger. The rest of Universal was pretty awesome too. I especially liked Marvel Comic City, because if I weren't a big enough nerd, I love comic book heroes too. Since we were there for 7 days, we did almost every ride that my unborn fetus would let me. My only regret was not getting a picture with Captain America (I'm being serious). And now for a picture overload!

It was always always packed
Loved the crooked chimneys
My first frothy Butterbeer. Cheers!
My favorite part of the whole experience was Honeydukes. It was done so well, and I loved seeing all the candy and packaging come to life from the books. On a side note, I think I've found my dream job. I'm pretty certain I could wear a silly hat and stand behind that counter and be happy the rest of my life. 
Loved this guy. All the actors had British accents!
Lily was excited to ride the Dr. Seuss Merry-go-Round until we actually got on it.
She loooved the splash pads that were everywhere and had her mouth open pretty much the entire time she would play in them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

17 months.

Lily at 17 months goes a little something like this:

  • So talkative. A list of her words include "Hi," "Buh-Bye," or just "Bye," "Bay-beee," "Peeths" (Please), "Tankoo" (Thank You), "M-amen" (Amen), "Baww" (Ball), "Cll Cll Cl" (Crocodile), "Uh Oh, ""Jesus" "Mama," and "Dada"
  • Nods or shakes her head to respond to us.
  • Blows kisses with a big "Mwahh!"
  • Does front rollovers (Cole taught her this)
  • Spins around in circles and falls over, then gets up and does it again (Cole also taught her this)
  • So head-strong. She wants to do it her way, with no help from anyone.
  • Insists on watching The Wizard of Oz every day. 
  • Loves the water, whether it's swimming, bathing, or being showered in it
She's a smart cookie and usually so happy and giggly, especially when she's with her best friend Aubrey. Sadly, I haven't had a whole lot of time to take 17 month pictures, so thanks Allison for the pic. Happy 17 months, Lils!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the wizard of oz.

I don't know what it is about this movie, but Lily is obsessed. We've watched it at least a dozen times, and she sits so attentively through it every time. We watch it almost every day. If she sees it on the shelf, she carries it to me and then points at the TV. She waves at the Wicked Witch, laughs at the Cowardly Lion, and loves to hold the DVD case while she watches so she can point at the characters and occasionally give them kisses. I used to love it too when I was young, and rediscovering it now with Lily has been really special.