Friday, July 13, 2012

16 months.

Lily girl is 16 months. She is such a good helper these days. If she spills her drink, she'll go and get the rag from the stove and wipe it up. She enjoys doing this so much that I'll catch her shaking her sippy cup upside down onto the floor. She insists on feeding herself with utensils, and most of the time, wants no help at all. She's putting up a fight against two naps, which means goodbye to my morning nap (cue weeping). Lils loves to run and dance. She can identify letters A-D, lots of objects, and some shapes. She loves Ring Around the Rosie, and will come pull me off the couch by my fingers to play. She loves when Cole counts down, "3...2...1" and then throws her into the air. The most recent addition to her vocabulary is "Buh bye." It's so fun to see how much she learns and understands. This morning we took advantage of the less hot weather to go to the park and take some pictures. Her new best friend, Teddy, came along for the ride. We love you, Lily. It's the best experience in the world being your mama.

oh and the logistics: length-30.75 in. (50th), weight- 20 lbs. (10th), and head: 18.2 in. (50th)

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Jana Porter said...

holy smart! and cute! she got both not fair :) i think luke just learned letter a haha.