Tuesday, June 26, 2012

have you heard of Alt Summit?

If you've ever been interested in growing your blog, getting better at photography or graphic design, or just learning more about and improving yourself, then I'd head to the Alt Summit Channel and check it out! They're currently offering incredibly cheap (just $15!) and sometimes even FREE online classes on improving your blog, brand, and skills. It's pretty awesome, especially to someone like me, whose whole creative outlet is this little blog here. They have DSLR 101 and 201 classes, Graphic Design and Photoshop for Bloggers, and even classes on finding your niche and improving blog content. So cool, right? Bing (#thanksbing) is even offering two free classes to people who get the word out about the Alt Summit Channel, so you can try some classes out for free, and then, if you like what you learn, come back for more. Let me know if you try any, and what you thought about them!

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