Monday, June 11, 2012

15 months.

Lily turned 15 months on Sunday. She is pretty quick on her feet and can run away from us now. She demonstrated this today when I took her to Barnes & Noble, and she proceeded to knock books off the shelf, look at me, and then run in the opposite direction. Tricky girl. She will also run at us with a big smile on her face when we open our arms for a hug. It is the best sight to see.

Blurry cause she's always on the move (and talking, of course) 

She understands us so well it surprises me sometimes. She'll fetch things when I ask her, recognizes animals and other pictures, and she knows when she's not supposed to do something. She seems to always get a sly, mischievous look on her face when she's caught. It makes me laugh, even as I'm trying to be stern.

She loves food of any kind. In Florida, Cole's family sat around her high chair marveling at the quantity and variety of things she'd eat. Lily loved all the new people who would slip her all kinds of new treats. Her ears are fine-tuned to the crinkle of wrappers, the clink of utensils on dishes, and the sound of a toaster popping.

She covers her eyes with her hands and hides behind curtains to play Peekaboo. She will also occasionally blow kisses.

Oh those eyebrows. Little Miss Attitude knows how to work 'em.

She LOVES the water. The beach, the pool, a faucet, the bath. She has a view of our apartment pool from her window, and she'll cry to be taken outside to it.

She hugs her stuffed animals and gives them kisses, and holds phones up to her ear and pretends to talk.

Her vocabulary consists of "Hi!," "Uh oh!," and "Thank You!"

Her hair is pretty awesome. I can't believe how long it's getting.

She loves playing catch and will back herself into our laps, sit down, and laugh as we bounce a ball off the wall. Happy 15 months! We love you like crazy, Crazy! :)


Ashley said...

So cute!

Michael said...

I loved the visual I got of her ears being fine tuned to the toaster popping and the crinkling of paper. It's been almost a year since we've seen her (and you guys), but it feels like we know little baby Soh Wan so well. Thanks for keeping us up to speed on our favorite hoppa baby.