Friday, May 4, 2012

how to modestly (+ fashionably) survive a (texas) summer.

This is what the weather forecast is looking like for the upcoming week. Not promising.


Maybe most people would cheer at the sight of sunshine and pool-worthy temperatures, but heat makes me sluggish and irritable. As the temperature rises, my productivity decreases exponentially. At least that's the story I'm sticking to ;) It's not even technically summer yet, and we're in the high 90s here. I mentioned in my last post how I'm preparing my wardrobe for the impending Texas summer. Being a member of the LDS church, I believe that modesty in dress, words, actions, and thoughts is important. I also think modesty doesn't have to mean frumpy or outdated. There are a lot of definitions of modesty, even among members of the church, but I'm just going with what I feel comfortable in (i.e. no tank tops, bikinis, mini skirts, etc). Anyway, on to the clothes and my Texas summer style mantras!

Note* These are just realizations I've had after suffering through last summer. I am in no way claiming fashion expertise of any kind.

Be Breezy. While shorts are nice and all, the ones I wear go to the knee, which don't provide much of a breeze. Instead, I say opt for skirts, particularly the maxi and the midi, which can be dressed down and up like so:

Images via Pinterest + Shabby Apple (minus the fur vest. That makes me sweat just looking at it).

If you want to go the shorts route, I've recently seen some really cute Bermudas and chinos in mint and other bright colors at Gap and J.Crew.

One and done. Wear as few layers as possible! I recently invested in this white V-neck pocket T and this maxi dress in black from Gap. They're a bit pricey, but I got them on sale, and I plan on wearing them to death. I'm purposefully choosing clothes that don't need to be layered with cardigans or other undershirts. Since I got the dress below in black, I envision it with a braided leopard print or tortoise belt and a sun hat.

Images via

Let those armpits breathe. Ladies, meet the Dolman top. It will be your new best friend this summer. It's open, and once again, breezy, but it also covers, and I think the shape is flattering on pretty much every body type.

Images via Pinterest and (sold out chambray)

And when all else fails...go inside, lock the doors, pull the shades, crank the A/C, and sit in your underwear with a stack of Otter Pops nearby.


Jana said...

haha love this! i got a long maxi skirt from tj maxx that i already have worn to death! great ideas thanks meg!

Michael said...

This is what I've been saying all along!

Jill said...

I love your modest fashion ideas! Now I just need to find a maxi dress.

Vanessa said...

Yep, pretty sure I need to get me a maxi skirt or dress soon!
Thanks for the ideas Meghan!

Emily said...

i went all these routes when i lived in austin...the other at the pool and then you can be in a swimsuit as much as possible :)