Sunday, May 13, 2012

dear mother,

dear mom,
    thank you for teaching me how to love by example. you are such a giving person. you show your love through hard work. it meant so much to me when you flew all the way to texas, cooked meals, cleaned our house, made desserts, worked and fretted over cole, lily, and i when lily was born and beyond. it meant so much to have you by my side in the hospital. thank you for all that you do. i love you.

dear nancy,
    thank you for loving me as your own daughter. thank you for loving my dad so much too. you are so kind, patient, and down-to-earth. i hope that i can love lily as much as you love lindsay and me.

dear mary jane,
   thank you for raising a son who loves and honors women as much as cole. he works so hard so that i can be home with lily, and i know it's because he's seen how influential you have been in the lives of all your children. you are such a big example to me of tenderness, fun, hard work, and true happiness.

dear "other mothers,"
    the ones who helped raise me through elementary to college. thank you for always feeding me, loving me, listening to me, and raising daughters who are amazing women and friends to me. you were very often my ideal when i thought of what a mother should be.

dear lily,
    i can't describe the love i have for you. it's such an amazing responsibility, joy, and privilege to be called your mom. i am so ridiculously proud of you. i just beam when someone takes notice of you. i remember holding you for the first time and never wanting to let you go. since then, you have taught me so much about innocence, compassion, and patience. i can tell that you look to me and love me. thank you  for that. it's the best feeling in all the world. i love that i've been chosen to be your mom.

happy mother's day.


His Little Lady said...

this post is just so precious! and so very sweet to your own mother! she sounds wonderful. happy belated mother's day!!
xo TJ

Kendra L. said...

teary eyes alert!

Katy said...

Meghan, this just about made me cry! How thoughtful of you to recognize each of the women in your life who have influenced you, including your sweet Lily. She is one lucky little lady to have you as a mom. Hope it was a wonderful Mother's day!