Saturday, May 12, 2012

14 months.

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L: Showing off her 9 teeth (and her Doritos) R: Sleeping in her big girl car seat

It's hard to believe Lily is already 14 months. It still shocks me sometimes to see her walking around (albeit like a drunken sailor) while I do the dishes. I love seeing her little body come in and out of my line of sight. She putters around the house, just doing her own thing, and it cracks me up so much. I also love how she stands at the door, holds her hand up and looks at me like, "C'mon, Mom. We're going on a walk" or "Help me out here, Mom" when she wants to go up or down a curb.

I can tell she understands me better too. She recently learned how to say "uh oh," and sometimes I'll hear her saying it alone in her room when she throws her binky out of her crib. Cole also taught her how to honk people's noses, including her own. One of my favorite things is when we play with our animal iPhone apps, and she mimics the word "crocodile." Hers sounds like "cclcllcll" with a lot of flicking tongue.  She also says "Hi!" and waves, and will sometimes try to say grandma ("mmm ma"). She'll sit on the couch and talk and talk, and look at me the whole time, then laugh, and keep talking like she's telling the funniest story. I just love it so much.

It's amazing to remember that she once couldn't sit up on her own or feed herself or move around by herself, and now she seems so independent. She is becoming my little buddy, and it is seriously the best feeling. Happy 14 months, Lils!

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Mariko said...

Awk, she is so cute!