Wednesday, April 4, 2012

sugar and spice...

It seems that our babe has developed a split personality. She's been so silly, sweet, and funny, but also crabby and downright sassy too. It's been one of those weeks where I've had to pray for patience many, many times. This is a little snapshot of Lily's personality right now:

  • Lily insists on only eating whatever I'm eating, even if she has the exact same thing in front of her
  • She rips stuff out of her books, throws food on the floor, and cries when I take things away from her
  • She yells at me when she wants something
  • She whines and says "ma ma ma" over and over (sometimes this is sweet and other times so exasperating)

  • She holds my hand as she does her funny little waddle-walk across the room
  • She sticks her finger up my nostril when I ask her, "Where's Mommy's nose?"
  • She talks with her hands
  • She points at the birds on our walks and says, "Aah" in this excited, high-pitched voice
  • She softly taps on my leg with her hand as we sit on the couch together
  • She flicks her lips with her fingers to make the noise "brr brr brr"
  • She has a newfound love for her infant bouncy chair, crawling in and out of it, bouncing and lounging in it all the time
This photo pretty much embodies my life right now. The house is a crazy mess, no matter how many times I follow after her to pick up, and there's Lily in the midst of it all, lounging in her chair with her ankles crossed like she owns the place. I can't help but love this girl, sass and all.



Mariley Johnson said...

I just love the stage our girls are at right now! So much personality!

Allison said...

haha love that girl! what a sweetheart!

Jana said...

haha what a great post you have to love them for the good and the not so good.


That picture kills me! And it's a good thing our girls show us some sugar, or else we may not be able to handle the spice.