Monday, March 19, 2012

lily turned one.

I'm only a week late on this, but our baby girl turned one! We threw a little party with lots of balloons, friends, food, and presents. Oh, were there presents! This little girl got spoiled. My parents and grandma flew in to be apart of the fun. A special thank you to Marissa for designing the party invite, Jill for taking pictures at the party so we could just relax and enjoy, and my mom and grandma for baking LOTS of cupcakes and cookies with me the night before. And thanks to everyone for all the love you've shown Lily (and us) throughout this past year. It's been incredible and humbling. It's been the most challenging, wonderful, tiring, and beautiful year of my entire life. I've never experienced joy quite like the joy that this sweet baby brought into our lives. Happy (belated) birthday, Lily girl!



Mariley Johnson said...

Habby Birthday cute girl!

Heather said...

Adorable!! The party looked so fun!

Anne Cropper said...

That party looks awesome, and adorable! Lily is so dang cute, she just gets cuter everyday!