Friday, March 23, 2012

we went to the zoo.

While my parents were in town, we took Lily to the zoo for the first time. Lily loved being toted around by her grandpa the whole visit. She pointed and squealed at the animals, especially the birds. Thanks Dad and Nancy! We can't wait to go back. I made a little video with my iPhone/iMovie, which is much easier to see fullscreen. Enjoy! :)

music by fun. (Oh how I've missed you Nate Ruess)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today I took Lily in for her one-year doctor's visit. Here are her stats: 18 lbs. 5 oz. (10th%), 29.5 in. long (50th%), and 18 in. head circumference (50th%).

She: has 7 teeth (2 on bottom, 5 on top), jibber jabbers nonstop, tries balancing on her own every now and then, pulls herself up and cruises around everything, can climb the stairs, has started clumsily going down stairs, loves being outside and often cries when we take her back in, enjoys a good cuddle, loves riding in her new car and pushing around chairs/objects, points at everything, especially dogs, cats, and birds, waves when we say hi and far, I love One! Lily has been so fun and sweet.

It's also wildflower season here in Texas, so I took Lily for a photo shoot today in a sweet elderly lady's yard right around the corner from us.

Things were going so smoothly...



and then she just got silly...


And a couple of just the bluebonnets, cause I can't get over how pretty they are!



Monday, March 19, 2012

lily turned one.

I'm only a week late on this, but our baby girl turned one! We threw a little party with lots of balloons, friends, food, and presents. Oh, were there presents! This little girl got spoiled. My parents and grandma flew in to be apart of the fun. A special thank you to Marissa for designing the party invite, Jill for taking pictures at the party so we could just relax and enjoy, and my mom and grandma for baking LOTS of cupcakes and cookies with me the night before. And thanks to everyone for all the love you've shown Lily (and us) throughout this past year. It's been incredible and humbling. It's been the most challenging, wonderful, tiring, and beautiful year of my entire life. I've never experienced joy quite like the joy that this sweet baby brought into our lives. Happy (belated) birthday, Lily girl!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We've been a bit MIA lately due to the fact that our computer charger has a mind of its own, and when it does charge, there's no space on the computer to add more pictures. This is quite the conundrum for a snap-happy, blog-loving mama. Lily and I have also been enjoying some play dates with our new friend, Aubrey, and planning a FIRST birthday party for Lily. She's a picky one, I tell you. So detail-oriented ;) In the meantime, here are some pictures I managed to squeeze onto our hard drive.

She gets the biggest smile on her face when she pushes her stroller

Panda Express lunch date with her new friend