Friday, February 3, 2012

confessions of an over-sharer.

It's no secret. I kind of love taking pictures of my baby...and posting them for all the world to see (on this blog, Facebook, and Instagram) because everyone must feel the same way I do about my baby, right? Of course not. I realize that I'm an unabashed over-sharer, but these pictures I take-- daily, hourly, minute-ly(?)-- I feel, will help me to remember her just as she is on any given day.


I posted this bath time picture on Facebook recently and someone commented, "If only life could be as simple and beautiful as baby Lily's." Her pure happiness in this picture makes me see life through her eyes. I realized how privileged I am every day that I get this perspective on life by spending my days with her. She helps make my life more simple, more beautiful, and more joyful just by being around her.


I can't believe she'll be a year in just about a month. Can you tell I'm getting nostalgic already? I just love being this girl's mama.


Molly said...

I feel like I almost feel the same way about your baby as you do. I LOVE seeing the pictures of her:) And I totally relate to this because I love taking photos of Reese and sharing all of the little things that people just don't get that excited about:) Being a mom is just so great!:)

And keep the Lily pictures coming!!

Kendra L. said...

I love it. I totally feel the same way. Often times when I post pictures and updates, I can't help but think that my husband and I are the only people in the world that feel that way about our son--completely in love and excited about every little thing he does. But I noticed that since becoming a parent, I'm almost just as excited when I see my friend's babies! Funny thing.

She is so precious and I don't get tired of seeing her! :)

Jana Porter said...

what a great post! i sometimes forget to get back to the simple joys of being a mommy i get caught up in all the dumb stuff. thanks for the great reminder! and its sad our babies are going up so fast must be time for another one!


I'm shocked that she's almost one!! And that last picture is absolutely beautiful!

Jenni said...

She has the sweetest little face!

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

As a fellow "over-sharer", I must add that there's no such thing as sharing TOO many pictures of your little one. I'm obsessed with mine... and everyone else should be too! ;)