Thursday, February 9, 2012

a girl and her pillow pet.

For Christmas, Uncle Blake bought Lily a panda Pillow Pet. We received it in the mail yesterday and we're finding many uses for it.
  • Snack time: To entertain Lily, Panda went speed dating (choosing the giraffe...naturally). "The Great Poo-pah Panda" also defended himself against an uprising in the animal kingdom. I'm discovering that my bachelors in English wasn't in vain after all.
Speed Dating
  • Play Time: Panda makes the perfect tool to deliver a Panda Punch, which is basically me wrapping the pillow pet around my arm and pretending to punch Lily with it. She thinks it's hilarious.
  • Educational: Lily points at his ears, eyes, and nose. She also gives him kisses whenever he gets anywhere near her face.
Thanks again, Uncle Blake!


Blake said...

I'm so proud!

Lisa said...

Kaelyn has a Pillow Pet, too. She loves it! I was surprised that she'd like it so much.

Kendra L. said...

Crue loves to ride his froggy pillow pet. Yes. try it! I hold the back and front of it and bounce it up and down while he sits on top of it and say "giddy up!"...or if I'm lazy he just sits on it and bounces himself. :)

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

what a smart girl! jack has one that he got for christmas from his uncle, too. It's a boise state bronco. haha