Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a little PDA

Three years ago today Cole and I were married forever in the Manti temple. It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, and it was freezing cold. I will never forget the love and peace I felt as the man sealing us told Cole that I'm the only woman he'll love for eternity, and that we were meant to have a true, deep love for each other. I've seen how our love has grown in the last three years. I've seen Cole take on his role as a father, and that only makes me love him more. Happy 3 years to my Colio. I love you forever!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

birthday weekend.

Some highlights from my birthday weekend:

I turned 25 on Thursday so Cole surprised me by pretending to go to work then decorating our living room and jumping out when I came downstairs. He had to wait in the dark for about 30 minutes as I puttered around upstairs. He also made a super cute and creative candy bar card and gave me some moolah. Woo hoo! He also took me out to the Melting Pot for dinner. We had such a good time talking and laughing, just us two! Thanks Valorie for watching our babe :)


She was pretty much over it the moment it started


On Friday, Becca brought me a treat from our favorite cupcake shop because she's psychic and knew exactly what I wanted for my bday. Later that night we went with Ashton + Becca to see The Jimmer play the Spurs. It was pretty awesome. Cole wrestled over a t-shirt with a crazy female Spurs fan and emerged victorious. The whole 10 minutes that Jimmer played was totally worth it.


Saturday we headed up to Austin with Jill + Quin. We ate at a gourmet burger place called Hopdoddy, climbed Mt. Bonnell (a semi-steep flight of steps), and perused the shops on South Congress. I love Austin and the Rupps! Thanks for all the pictures, Jill!




Sunday we went to church and then over to Valorie + Shane's to watch the 49ers. Lily loved getting kisses from Charli, their dog, and would scrunch her face and open her mouth wide whenever she'd get near her.


Thanks friends, and my love, for an amazing birthday weekend!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 months.

Here are 10 facts about our 10-month-old:
  1. She started consistently crawling on her hands and knees on Christmas day.
  2. She has three teeth now! Front top left and bottom two. She uses them to bite everything, especially me.
  3. She weighs 17 lbs.
  4. She loves cheese and bananas and stuffs them into her mouth, methodically, until every last crumb is gone.
  5. She likes to sit at our windows and look out.
  6. She gives wet, open-mouthed kisses, which I kind of love.
  7. She loves to pull all my DVDs off the shelf, but she helps me put them back by handing them to me one-by-one. She also likes to put her toys in her bucket one-by-one.
  8. The vacuum cleaner scares her.
  9. She still takes two naps, but they're getting shorter (eek!)
  10. She has a deep yell that comes from the back of her throat like a little warrior cry. It's kind of hilarious.
This past month has been my favorite so far, and they just keep getting better. She brings me so much joy, and I feel so grateful that I get her forever. Happy 10 months, baby girl!



thumbs up!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

ut + pa

Over the holidays, we took some trips to see our families. We visited mine in PA over Thanksgiving and Cole's in UT over Christmas. Both trips were so fun, and we got spoiled by both our families. Mary Jane even watched Lily so we could go on a horseback ride and to see M:I 4. We thoroughly enjoyed both!



There's a sad lack of pictures since we were sick or recovering most of the trip.


We headed to Pat's to sample a true Philly cheesesteak

Gettin' fresh with Abe outside the Gettysburg War Museum and Cole at Devil's Den

We had Christmas on Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family

I miss both our families already!