Friday, December 14, 2012

ho ho ho.

We took an outing to Bass Pro Shops Santa's Wonderland Wednesday night.  Lily was so excited about Santa before and even after her encounter with him, but when it came to actually sitting on his lap, not so much.  She walked up to him holding Cole's hand, but as soon as we tried to put her on his lap, she freaked.  That Santa was amazing though.  He wrangled her as she arched her back and twisted around, and he smiled the whole time. 

Once she was off his lap, she said, "Tank You" (more out of fear, I think), and snatched a candy cane out of his hand.  Once we were a safe distance away from him, we showed her the picture and she excitedly said "Santa! Santa!"  I think she was pretty proud of herself, and we even heard a "Ho Ho Ho" from the backseat on our drive home.  Now she loves that picture and wants to look at it and hold it all the time.  She says, "Santa...kyy (cry)" about 20x a day.  I kind of felt like an awful parent letting her sit there and bawl, but I can't help but think it's hilarious.  Here's hoping next year won't be so traumatizing. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

20/21 months.

In just about a week, Lily will be 21 months.  I wish I could bottle her up just as she is at this age because she is so funny and sweet.  Her ability to understand and communicate has been SO fun, and makes for a happier us!

  • Some of her words: bubbles, binky, yucky, sticky, fish, shoes, socks, kitty, tree, books, "ssiide" and "side" translated as outside and slide... notice the subtle distinction ;) , car, truck, Santa, Jesus, Nana, Grampa, Dada, Mama, Boots (from Dora the Explorer), and "uh huh" and "mhmm" in the affirmative (which cracks me up),  - all of which she'll say voluntarily without hearing them first
  • She knows her shapes pretty well and can put all of them correctly in her ShapeSorter bucket
  • She loves her baby doll and takes it to bed with her every night.  She "changes" Baby's diaper, tries to feed her, gives her hugs and pats her back.  I'm hoping this affection for babies transfers when the baby is real, and she has to share the limelight with it.
  • She's started watching The Little Mermaid
  • She only gets her binky at nap and bedtime and puts it down in her crib before she gets out
  • She pretends to take pictures by holding up a cell phone and saying, "Cheese!"  I wonder where she learned that?
  • She smiles and laughs all the time and will get this mischievous gleam in her eyes
I feel like I can talk to her and she understands a lot, if not most, of what I'm saying.  It still amazes me when I stop and think of how much she's grown and changed in just 20 short months.  It's hard to believe she was once an infant, and it's hard for me to grasp how I'm going to do the infant thing again. In some ways that feels so long ago, but also like it was just yesterday.  Any suggestions from second-time parents out there?  Anyway, I could go on about Lily, but the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  She's a crazyface, our joy, and we love her :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

how to make a monster's inc boo costume

Halloween this year was so exciting because I decided to make a homemade costume for Lily (with Cole's help, of course).  I feel pretty proud of the result.  Lily loves Monsters, Inc. and so I thought it only fitting with my current round state to go as Mike Wazowski, Cole as Sully, and Lily as Boo from the movie.  I found this tutorial online, read some other methods here, and we added some of our own modifications to make Lily's costume.  For Cole's Sully hat, I found one I liked on Etsy and then asked my incredibly talented stepsister, Lindsay, to make it for me.  She did it without a pattern and for free! Amazing!  Since I finished Lily's costume about 30 minutes before our church Trunk-or-Treat, I knew I had to make my costume as simply as possible.  I found this blog, whose very sweet and helpful owner sent me a blown up picture of Mike's eye and mouth.  I just printed, cut, and taped it onto a green shirt from Joann's after laminating it.  Lily got so excited when she saw my shirt.  She kept running up and giving Mike kisses.  The Trunk-or-Treat was a little crazy because I was in charge of planning it with two other congregations of my church.  Sadly Cole had to take Lily home early, and she didn't even get to practice her candy-grabbing skills for Halloween night, but that didn't seem to slow her down much. 

Halloween was so fun!  We got together with the Jensens and Andersons for a little pizza and treats party.  Their girls are both almost exactly the same age as Lily, and it was so cute to see them trick-or-treat for the first time together.  People recognized Lily's costume and would say, "Hey! It's Boo!" or "She looks just like the little girl from the movie!"  She cracked us up because she would clutch a piece of candy in her hand, and refuse to put it in her bag until we got to the next house, and she was certain she would get more.  We'd ask her if she wanted to get more candy and she'd enthusiastically reply, "Ya!"  The girls stayed up way past their bedtimes in a state of sugary bliss.  Lily got a tootsie roll, some M&Ms, and a lollipop from her loot.  I'm pretty sure it's been the greatest night yet of her little life.

 The two "Boo"s and Raggedy Ann

 And what's Halloween without a little crying?

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012

19 months + a pregnancy update.

I am loving Lily at 19 months.  I love when we're sitting on the couch together, and she grabs my hands one at a time and wraps them around either side of her, and then nestles into my side.  It's like she's buckling up for a cuddle.  It melts my heart every time.

I love how she pats my back when she hugs me.

I love all the new words she picks up.  Some new words include: "meow," "bok bok," "baa," "bath," "bess you!" "bapple," "woahh!" "mouse," and "Beast" because that's her new favorite movie. 

I love that she has opinions and can tell me if she wants apples, or eggs, or both.  When she doesn't want either, it gets a little more complicated and sometimes more frustrating, but I love that she can communicate with me better than ever before. 

She loves her books.  Her favorites right now are "Goodnight Moon," "The Monster at the End of this Book," "Let's Go to the Zoo," "Dora's Bedtime Adventures," and Bright Baby's "First 100 Words."

She also loves her movies.  The Wizard of Oz, Monsters, Inc., and most recently, Beauty and the Beast. She knows one-liners (as in "Boo!" "Uh oh," "Helloo," and "Ahh!") from the movies and will say them with the characters, and she always laughs at the same parts.  

She loves to jump up in the air.  She squats so low and gives it all her energy, and her little feet barely leave the ground, if at all.  But she always looks so pleased with herself.

She loves to stand on our kitchen chairs and take little tastes of food from us. 

We've started timeouts, and they're working for us (hurray!)

She is so loving, expressive, playful, opinionated, and stubborn.

I get a little nostalgic and even sad at times to think that the days of just Lily and I pal-ing around together are coming to an end.  I love spending my days with her.  I realize our time as just a family of three is special, but I also know that somehow it'll only get better when we add this new little guy.  I swear my doctor has misdiagnosed my due date because I feel so much bigger this time around.  Below is a comparison of me at 26 weeks, 2 days with Lily (L) and 26 weeks, 1 day now (R).  I feel him move a lot now, and I love lying in bed at night and feeling him kick.  It's just about the only alone time I have to just stop and think only about him.  I'm excited for both of our little ones to meet.  I have a feeling that's where the joy will really multiply--in watching them together. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

18 months.

Lily is 18 months! Hard to believe considering I used to see kids in Nursery and think they seemed so grown up, and now my baby's in there. Crazy.

She currently:
  • Loves to hide under blankets and pillows
  • Uses most anything as a phone - remotes, keys, baby dolls, my iPhone - and talks and talks like she knows exactly what she's saying
  • Still loves her binky and strokes the top of it like a mustache
  • Loves playing in the fridge, rearranging the condiments and sitting down by the fruits and veggies
  • Still loves The Wizard of Oz, but has added Monsters, Inc. as her new favorite
  • Makes animal noises "Mmm" for a cow, " "Aah Aah" for a monkey, "Hee!" for a horse, and "Woo" for a dog. She also puts her hand in front of her nose like a trunk and makes a spitting/trumpet noise for an elephant
  • She floats her hand through the air and very quietly says, "Whoosh" for an airplane
  • Puts her finger to her lips and says, "Shh"
  • Covers and uncovers her eyes and says, "Boo!"
  • Blows kisses when we tell her to say, "Love you"
  • She has to yell "Grampa!"and says, "Gramma," "Byes," "Noo," and can pretty much mimic most words we say
  • Giggles at random things, which I love
This stage has been so fun (and sometimes challenging) with her newfound opinions, personality, and understanding. I'm so proud to be her mama. I love seeing her grow, but sometimes wish she'd hold off for a little while.

Thanks to Alex Shipp for taking and sharing your beautiful pictures!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Harry Potter World!

Well, I loved Harry Potter World. Perhaps the most obvious and inevitable statement...ever. My only complaint is that it isn't bigger. The rest of Universal was pretty awesome too. I especially liked Marvel Comic City, because if I weren't a big enough nerd, I love comic book heroes too. Since we were there for 7 days, we did almost every ride that my unborn fetus would let me. My only regret was not getting a picture with Captain America (I'm being serious). And now for a picture overload!

It was always always packed
Loved the crooked chimneys
My first frothy Butterbeer. Cheers!
My favorite part of the whole experience was Honeydukes. It was done so well, and I loved seeing all the candy and packaging come to life from the books. On a side note, I think I've found my dream job. I'm pretty certain I could wear a silly hat and stand behind that counter and be happy the rest of my life. 
Loved this guy. All the actors had British accents!
Lily was excited to ride the Dr. Seuss Merry-go-Round until we actually got on it.
She loooved the splash pads that were everywhere and had her mouth open pretty much the entire time she would play in them.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

17 months.

Lily at 17 months goes a little something like this:

  • So talkative. A list of her words include "Hi," "Buh-Bye," or just "Bye," "Bay-beee," "Peeths" (Please), "Tankoo" (Thank You), "M-amen" (Amen), "Baww" (Ball), "Cll Cll Cl" (Crocodile), "Uh Oh, ""Jesus" "Mama," and "Dada"
  • Nods or shakes her head to respond to us.
  • Blows kisses with a big "Mwahh!"
  • Does front rollovers (Cole taught her this)
  • Spins around in circles and falls over, then gets up and does it again (Cole also taught her this)
  • So head-strong. She wants to do it her way, with no help from anyone.
  • Insists on watching The Wizard of Oz every day. 
  • Loves the water, whether it's swimming, bathing, or being showered in it
She's a smart cookie and usually so happy and giggly, especially when she's with her best friend Aubrey. Sadly, I haven't had a whole lot of time to take 17 month pictures, so thanks Allison for the pic. Happy 17 months, Lils!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the wizard of oz.

I don't know what it is about this movie, but Lily is obsessed. We've watched it at least a dozen times, and she sits so attentively through it every time. We watch it almost every day. If she sees it on the shelf, she carries it to me and then points at the TV. She waves at the Wicked Witch, laughs at the Cowardly Lion, and loves to hold the DVD case while she watches so she can point at the characters and occasionally give them kisses. I used to love it too when I was young, and rediscovering it now with Lily has been really special.

Monday, July 16, 2012

that time we climbed a giant rock in 94 degree heat.

Over the weekend we decided to take a road trip to Fredericksburg, TX. The town wasn't all that exciting, but we drove nearby to Enchanted Rock Park for a little hike. Since it was 94 degrees out, and let's just say I'm not the most outdoorsy person in the world, I was a little grumpy about it. Once we started hiking, I was totally won over though. Various religions used to hold services at the top because they thought it was sacred ground. I can totally see why. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there. Cole carried Lily all the way up and down, but she was able to take a few very measured, very exaggerated steps up the rock while holding our hands. It was pretty funny to see her navigate a steep incline for the first time. Thanks honey for forcing encouraging me to have fun and be one with nature! 

Cole sitting and waiting for me to catch up :)

Lily just enjoying the ride and the view from the top

 A happy and shweaty me, post-hike