Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas craziness.

Our Christmas consisted of lots of presents, a wonderful church meeting, lots of fun family time, and then sadly lots of puking on my, Paisley's, Porter's, and Blake's everyone's part. Out of 11 people in the home, 10 of us got the 24 hour stomach flu. Luckily Lily didn't get it, just a cold and an ear infection. Yipee.

I got Cole a remote control airplane that he's been loving, and I got a Cricut Expression, which I'm super excited about! I also got a Kindle from my mom and a trip to HARRY POTTER WORLD from my dad and stepmom. Beyond excited! Here are some pictures, pre-sickness:

Cole said it looks like Lily's sporting a gorilla's a reindeer, for the record

photo (8)

Lily in paper heaven


Jana said...

you guys are the cutest merry christmas!

Michael said...

No recap on how many Christmas trees they had this year? Oh well.

martha said...

lol I love that photo with Lily and Blake, she looks so stinkin cute with the bow on her head! ahhh christmas, babies, and presents. :)