Thursday, December 15, 2011

9 months.

Nine months ago this happened:

IMG_0085 - Version 2

Nine months before that this happened:


And every day in between and after that has been pretty much amazing, humbling, and wonderful!

  • is 16 lbs. 11 oz. (10-15th%), 28 inches long (50th%), and 17.5 head circ. (50th%). She's a skinny minny, but very healthy the doc says.
  • is pulling herself up on things, especially loves to crawl on Cole and I
  • yells a lot, and says "ba ba," "da da," "ma ma" and sometimes "mom" and "dad," but I think that may be a coincidence
  • LOVES her Gerber veggie crunchies. I'm pretty sure she'd down a whole can in about 1o min. if we let her (which we don't!)
  • still an army crawling champ and doesn't seem interested in getting up on her hands and knees
  • has a twinkly little smile and the cutest giggle
  • tries to shove things into Cole's mouth
  • bobs her head up and down and moves her legs like she's dancing
  • waves hello and good-bye
  • takes two naps for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours
  • has two sharp bottom teeth
We love her more than we can say.




Gorgeous photo! And 9 months! Really?!

Jana Porter said...

beyond excited to see you guys!

martha said...

was just going to say that photo is gorgeous! you're so beautiful, meg, and lily is too :)