Tuesday, October 18, 2011

27 Years of Awesome! aka Cole's Birthday

Twenty-seven years ago (on the 16th) my hunk o' burnin' love was born! The world is a much more joyous place because of it. Cole's major contributions to the world thusfar:
  • He is funny, positive, and has such an infectious smile. He cracks me up and makes life a lot happier.
  • He's got a rockin' bod....just saying.
  • He's a great leader and hard worker and keeps our family toeing the line.
  • He does some killer magic tricks and impressions.
  • He's an amazing Dad.
  • He is talented and is pretty awesome at most everything (yep, one of those kinds of people)
To celebrate Cole's awesomeness, we got a babysitter (thank you Rupps) and went out to eat at Ruth's Chris. Delicious! On Sunday, I made Cole orange chicken to pay homage to our joint love of Panda Express and we had friends over for homemade cake and ice cream. It was a great weekend.

b-day pic
@ Ruth's Chris

The Leaning Tower of Chocolate

Lily was mesmerized by the candles

Cole's family singing "Happy Birthday" with gusto on Skype

I love this picture (thanks Quin for taking it!)

Honey, you rock and I love you. I am so glad you were born!


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Cole! And Meg, your photo-ing skills are getting so good! I love the cake shot! And the last photo is soo perfect. I love the lighting, and it's such a precious memory! I just love it!

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

happy birthday to good old Cole! We miss hanging with you guys and bbqing in the canyon. It would be fun to rewind back to wymount just for a day! :)

Michael said...

I agree with Molly. That last picture is great. I hate reading about you guys all doing stuff together. It makes me wish we weren't in this land of corn and cold. Anywho, tell Cole happy birthday.

Anne Cropper said...

Happy Birthday Cole! I agree Michael. Time for a vacation to Texas! Haha, I wish. But, we really need to visit. We miss you guys.

Jana said...

first of all thanks a lot for showing me up with first a post about your hubby's birthday, second talking about how great he is, and third a tear jerking picture of him with his sweet little girl. real cool meg :) happy birthday cole!


Ah Cole, I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday, and I'm sad that we never went to Ruth's Chris.

Becca and Ashton said...

Happy Birthday Cole! Oh and perfect time for a cake plate.

Michelle Starrs said...

Love the last photo :) happy birthday cole!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Cole! We're glad you had a such a great birthday weekend.