Thursday, August 4, 2011

Playing catch-up

I went on hiatus from the Internet for a while because I was getting slightly obsessed with blogging, Facebooking, Pinteresting, etc. It actually wasn't that hard, although it probably helped that I was busy packing, moving, cleaning...and our Internet was technically not connected. Anyway, here's a little recap of what we've been up to.

Lily has started teething and so she drools/chews on everything. We bought her Sophie the giraffe, and she can now be found making out with sucking on it 90% of the day.


We've also started her on rice cereal. The first few attempts were unsuccessful and messy. Lily has started to warm up to the idea though, and so now it's just messy.

Attempt #1

Our good friends, Anne and Michael, are leaving us for bigger and better things (i.e. grad school) so we threw them a surprise going away party last night. As you can see, we had quite the spread.

They're not going to Germany, I just thought "au wiedersehen" sounded festive (just realized I spelled it wrong. how embarrassing)

I made these cookies and cream cupcakes. My favorite part about them, aside from their deliciousness, is that you can see the Oreo through the bottom wrapper.


And I've decided I have the cutest friends ever:


It's been a fun and busy week, but I missed you, blogosphere.


Jana said...

and we missed you! can't wait to see you

Kirsten said...

Mmmm... Could I have that cupcake recipe? I think I feel a pregnancy craving coming on! ;^)

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

I know exactly how you feel about getting too caught up in the cyber world. I need to go on a hiatus too! I loved this blog though, those oreo cookies look to die for, and i laughed at your auf weidersehn thing and LILY!!! Oh lily. I love her. and you are just awesome.

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

P.S. We had sophie for Jack and he adored the thing... all the paint on her face is pretty much gone. for obvious reasons.

Becca and Ashton said...

i wish i could have been to your AMAZING party! looks adorable. long live the johnsons!

Vanessa said...

your letters on the wall look nice ;)

Jill said...

The cupcakes were SOOOOOO good! Everything turned out great :)