Sunday, August 28, 2011


Just wanted to share what I've been up to lately. I love louandlee on etsy, but unfortunately I can't buy a headband for Lily every time they come out with a new, cute one (which is very often), so I got resourceful. Here are my creations:





My model got a bit uncooperative, so I didn't get close-ups of all of them. Most of these I gave away as gifts, but I'll be sure to make more. Let me know if I can make you one!


Shane & Valorie said...

Amazing Meghan! You are a creative little creature. :)

Jana said...

so cute! already miss you guys and i want some even though i have boys?! how do you make those?

Michael said...

Can I get an order in for myself? I need something to hold my hair back/make me more stylish.

PS I drove by the creative writing workshop the other day and thought of you.

PPS The MBA here is top 20, in case Cole got a hankerin' for school. If he came, I would seriously add another year to my program.

PPPS OK, here's the new plan. I'll get an MHA/MBA and Cole can get an MBA/MHA. It's perfect.

Jill said...

So so cute. We should have headband making party!

Heather said...

I feel honored that your beautiful headbands will grace the head of Baby E :). You are awesome!!