Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a comparison

If there were ever any doubt about Cole's role in this baby-makin' business, there should be none now. These pictures kinda blow me away. It's pretty easy to say Lily just looks like me because of the dominant asian-ness, but she's got a whole lot of Cole, as you will see:


The hair, the lips, the chin, the looong fingers, and even the eyes look alike to me. They're my twinners, and I love them both!


Anne Cropper said...

Ok that is just crazy. I always thought Lily looked like Cole, but those pictures look like they could be of the same baby they are so similar. How are the Ballards doing these days? We miss you here in Iowa!

Mariko said...

Holy mackerel!! They look so similar. Everyday I look at Harrison and I am amazed by the way he looks...'he has my mouth, he has Austin's nose, he has my dad's eyes' etc. And they change so much! So fun!!

becca said...

I also thought they looked alike but seriously..... TWINS!