Friday, July 15, 2011

a confession...

I'm cheating on Cole. His name is Harry, and it's a love affair that's been going on for quite a while now. In all actuality, I'm probably cheating on Harry with Cole, not the other way around. It all began in 8th grade, and the love runs deep. I mean, we went through puberty together for heaven's sake! I guess you could call us junior high sweethearts. It's all coming to an end tomorrow though. Don't judge me if I weep. There may be serious weeping.

This is me in high school doing a very bad Hermione, and yes I did order that wand special. I think it had phoenix feather in it. Of course.

This is me in college. (P.S. Can you believe that guy on the left went to BYU?)

Cole being all anti-Potter. He has since seen the light.

One of my favorite pictures. Imaginary glasses? Check. Imaginary wand? Double check.

All you Potterphiles, rock. on!


Emily said...

sniff...i'll miss him too :) they have the complete series at costco. i may break the budget and get it. i rank HP right up there with classics like the chronicles of narnia. every household/kid needs it

Vanessa said...

I felt the same way after I saw the movie last night. Like a critical part of my childhood has just ended. I agree with Emily, the HP series is a classic! Thank you, J.K. Rowling for filling my life with wonderful friends, magic, and LOVE. :)