Thursday, June 16, 2011

beach bums

It's no secret. I'm not a huge fan of the ocean. In fact, it scares me to death.

See what I mean? The water was only waist-high and I stilled feared for my life. But I did get in. Twice. And the second time I actually enjoyed it. The best part about the trip was being with family. I loved talking to my sisters-in-law. For a couple days, I thought Cole wasn't coming. Thanks to some quick-thinking on his part, lots of rearranging of flights, and the blessed Houston Passport Agency, he made it! Of course, I loved the food: all-you-could-eat sushi, mango daquiris, coconut ice cream, and 24/7 room service! Oh and having a maid wasn't too bad either. There were times I'd be taking a nap with Lily and she'd come in and clean around us! Pretty much the greatest thing ever. Lily did okay on the plane rides, but could handle the beach and the pool for only so long.

trouble in paradise

She actually was a pretty happy camper most of the time and she loved being held by the family.

our little poser

She finally got to meet her cousin Maisey, who just loved to hold, kiss, and hug her. It was so fun to see them together. Almost all of Cole's family (we were lame) got temporary tats, Cole and I went parasailing, and we saw X-Men: First Class and Tangled. It was an all-around good time. We're missing the Ballards already!


Ariel said...

Every single picture on this post of Lily is so great! I love all her faces:) And the pic of you in the ocean is pretty hilarious;)

Jana said...

this post makes me sad we miss you guys so much! cant wait to see you and ps super jealous of your trip looks like it was so fun

~johnny becky hazel~ said...

So-oo fun! I love that last picture of you guys. Beautiful family!

Jenny said...

Oh Megs! i'm so jealous!! So glad Cole made it to enjoy the week with you!
Looks like you had a ton of fun! Not much can beat a maid, 24/7 room service and being beach bums!