Friday, November 5, 2010

"What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?"-The Oompa Loompas

In true Ballard Halloween fashion we waited until the last minute to decide on/acquire our costumes. Cole was Willy Wonka and I was his oompa loompa. I think we may have outdone ourselves this year. Thank goodness for Goodwill and that Cole-sized woman who didn't want her purple velvet Old Navy jacket anymore. Here are some pics from Anne + Michael's awesome party:

L-R: Max, Gaga, Karate Sue, Oompa, Willy, Justin Beiber party girl,
Pinata man, Sweatin' to the oldies Val, and Jake the Snake

Look at that pure Oompa joy to be with Valorie

The rockin' hosts

In baby news, I'm 22 weeks, although this pic is from 21. We've officially switched from "the ghetto hospital," to Methodist. Hurray! Our baby is measuring at about 19-20 weeks, so hopefully she starts packing on the pounds and the inches soon. I officially can no longer button/zip up my pants, so pins (and sometimes nothing) have sufficed to keep them on so far. I love love love feeling her move! It's my favorite thing so far. Cole has already gotten a "high-five" from her. Happy to report she's healthy!

21 weeks


Vanessa said...

You should try the "belly bands." They are great for that stage when your pants won't zip but you aren't ready for maternity clothes. You can get them at any maternity store or I've seen them at Target and Walmart too. I LOVED them. Way more comfortable than trying to use a rubberband to hold them up!! Yay for growing baby bellies :)

Michelle Starrs said...

Hah! your costumes are a crack up! I love it when people go "all out". You are looking so good and the little belly is growing! Feeling them move is the best, i agree :)

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

hahahahahahhah!!! oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now. The oompa. hahahaahhahaha. that was a good LOL. Your belly is the cutest ever. You look soooo good!

Jana Porter said...

cute cute cute! you are the cutest preggo ever i cant get over it! hope to see you guys soon!

Kirsten said...

This is totally random, but I finally saw your comment on my blog that i don't really update anymore. I figured out why you look so familiar. I think we were in the same freshman ward at dt. i was in U hall floor 5. we go to san antonio often to see my husband's family, so we should do dinner one of these days. and congrats on your baby!

mj said...

hi. I'm becky's friend and I saw you on her blog and was awkwardly blog stalking you... and I stumbled across the fact that you and your husband were the exact same thing we were for halloween. hilarious. i'm jealous you got to hang out with the fosters.