Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Today I'm feeling sick and tired (if you can't tell by my bedraggled state below). Luckily, I haven't done my Thanksgiving post yet, so I will do so now to remind myself of all the very good things in life!

#1: Our baby. I really couldn't ask for a better pregnancy! No fatigue. No morning sickness. And no complications (so far). She's already changing our family for the better. What an influential little fetus! We've really been watched over and blessed!

Today @ 25 wks, 4 days.

#2: My husband. One funny, sincere, honest, and handsome dude. I love this man. Need I say more?

#3: Awesome friends here in Texas who know how to whip up a delicious holiday feast! Here's a picture of our Thanksgiving potluck that we held here in Texas. It was so much fun, and it really didn't feel like we were away from our families at all. We love these guys!

L-R: The Rupps, The Orrocks, The Brinkerhoffs, Cole + me, The Rodgers, and the Batemans

#4: My family. They send us crazy/cute things in the mail like these turkey chair covers (Thanks Dad and Nancy!)
#5: Our faith. It's what ties everything else together--babies, family, friendships--and makes life better than I could make it on my own!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Potterium Nerdiosa!

Not too long ago, Cole did the unthinkable. He picked up the Harry Potter book that I've been trying to get him to read for years, and he read like two days. It may have been the proudest moment of my life. At one point during his HP experience, I heard him chuckling to himself. Slowly he put his book down, came over to me, grabbed my nose, and yelled, "GOT YOUR CONK!" I'm pretty sure Peeves is one of his favorites. Needless to say, the Harry Potter movie outing was much more enjoyable this year. We went with Quintin + Jill, and Anne + Michael to The Lion and Rose pub and had some fish and chips, and bubble and squeak before the movie. Here's a picture of Cole and I doing our best Harry Potter nerd faces. That's an imaginary wand in Cole's hand, and imaginary glasses on my face.

And as always, a baby update. At 24 weeks I am:
  • over my wild hunger pangs, and can go three hours no food without ripping someone's head off. Progress.
  • craving Chinese food. all. the. time. And funnel cake, and a dang Smart Cookie ice cream sandwich.
  • healthy and so is baby!
  • feeling happy, happy, happy! Lovin' these pregnancy hormones.
24 wks, 2 days.

Friday, November 5, 2010

"What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?"-The Oompa Loompas

In true Ballard Halloween fashion we waited until the last minute to decide on/acquire our costumes. Cole was Willy Wonka and I was his oompa loompa. I think we may have outdone ourselves this year. Thank goodness for Goodwill and that Cole-sized woman who didn't want her purple velvet Old Navy jacket anymore. Here are some pics from Anne + Michael's awesome party:

L-R: Max, Gaga, Karate Sue, Oompa, Willy, Justin Beiber party girl,
Pinata man, Sweatin' to the oldies Val, and Jake the Snake

Look at that pure Oompa joy to be with Valorie

The rockin' hosts

In baby news, I'm 22 weeks, although this pic is from 21. We've officially switched from "the ghetto hospital," to Methodist. Hurray! Our baby is measuring at about 19-20 weeks, so hopefully she starts packing on the pounds and the inches soon. I officially can no longer button/zip up my pants, so pins (and sometimes nothing) have sufficed to keep them on so far. I love love love feeling her move! It's my favorite thing so far. Cole has already gotten a "high-five" from her. Happy to report she's healthy!

21 weeks