Monday, July 26, 2010

Reason # 571 Why I Love my Husband

I've been wanting to see the movie Bright Star about the life and love of John Keats ever since my final semester of college, but it was never really at the top of Cole's must-watch list considering it's slow, emotional, and about a dead poet. But he sat and watched it with me this weekend and consoled me as I wept over Keats' untimely death.
But that's not even the best part! On Sunday night, we busted out my Romantic Poets and actually read and discussed Keats' poetry! As un-fun as this may sound, I assure you, it was not. I hope I'm not incriminating Cole or his masculinity, because in my opinion, only real men read poetry. Our favorite was "Ode on a Nightingale" about the beauty of nature (at least that's what we thought it was about, among other things). If you too want to be a real man (or woman), go here. Don't be shy! It's good for the soul.


Jana Porter said...

oh cole what a good hubby! still miss you guys like crazy!

martha said...

yay for eternal relationships and how poetry and can seal them for a second time. *sigh