Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our San Antonio Trip in Numbers:

22 hours and 8 minutes; 1,276 miles; 811 iTunes; 2 rousing solo performances of Levon and Bohemian Rhapsody to pass the time; 2 scary hale storms; 14 potential apartments; 1 900 square ft townhome (1 br, 1.5 bath); 33 freezer pops; 1 pint of Rocky Road ice cream; 15 job applications; and a few tears later, Cole and I are finally getting settled into our new home in San Antonio.

Our A/C was broken so it was about 90 degrees in our house for a couple of days. It has since been fixed, thank heavens! I haven't taken any pictures since we've gotten here, but we're going on our first sightseeing outing tomorrow for Memorial Day. So far I've gone out with the missionaries once, which is probably the coolest experience I've had here. More pictures and info to come about our big Texas adventure! These are the last pictures of lovely Utah that I got:

Good ol' Sally Seaweed and our trusty Uhaul

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We is gradeated!

We did it! I was surprised by how proud I felt. And grateful. My family came out from Pennsylvania and Cole's family was there, so it was a party. Now we're just waiting around before we move. I quit one job and I'm finishing up at the magazine, so it's weird to have so much time on my hands. I guess I should get writing that great American novel already.

The Ballard/Preece/Porters

Our favorite

I thought these pictures were funny. The graduates getting some last-minute life advice.