Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Living in the Past

I swear to you that things have been going on in Cole and I's lives, but I forget about this little blog in between the two jobs, and the classes, and the American Idol, and whatnot. Cole and I graduate in approximately 5 weeks! I just took a senior exit survey about my BYU experience, and it actually made me kind of sad to be leaving. Here's a little recap of the BYUEX!:

Summer Term 2005. Joy of joys! I meet the greatest friends in the world. We take lots of trips (Moab, Oregon, California) and eat lots of IHOP. Freshman year. Nasty DT dorms, LOST parties, random crushes.

2006/2007. We live in a semi-cool, semi-rundown loft. Interesting ward. Throw a dance party, rock concerts, The Wall of Lushness. I meet the man of my dreams and Heather gets her mission call.

2007/2008. Martha and I have a crazy-awesome time in Japan. Road trip from FL to Utah with Cole. Start work at Nu Skin. Lots of friends get married.

2009/2010. Cole and I get married. Friends have babies. Internship. Mexico and Hawaii, and now graduation!

BYU has been good to us.


Jana Porter said...

yay your almost done! i'm pretty sure on my exit survey i was a butt cause i was so done with that place!

Derek and Kelli Hill said...

yay for you guys! Graduating rocks, haha! but it is sad to leave byu. It's such a good place. you asked when the baby is due- it's due april 10 but we are getting induced before that- probably around april 1st. crazy crazy!

martha said...

ahh...i loved my college career and i am SO grateful we got to share ours together :) i love you meghan. when shall we get together again? hopefully soon!

Tara said...

Hooray for the purple velvet jacket! Ah, Meghan, wasn't it awesome?!? I was kind of sad to move away from Provo, it's a very surreal experience to think that I can't just come over to anyone's apartment or meet you guys for dinner anymore. :(