Friday, October 9, 2009

It's about that time again

Last weekend was General Conference. We spent the weekend with Cole's family and I got to catch up on some of my craft projects. Conference was amazing as usual. I particularly liked President Monson's talk about service. I've started asking Cole at the end of the day if he's done anything good for anyone. It definitely gets our minds in the right place.

We got to spend time with this little girl:

She got ahold of a stuffed worm

I stitched her this onesie during Conference:

On Saturday night all the Ballard/Porter women went to a quaint (and haunted) little house that happens to sell home decor. The majority of us won a sweet door prize. Mary treated us to Scentsy candles, which are awesome, and almost all of us went exploring the haunted basement and closets of this Victorian home. I say almost because Jana and I chickened out.

Yesterday we played the championship softball game and lost 17-20. It was a close game all the way through. I finally got on base (2nd!) in the 7th inning, and scored our 16th point. Sadly, glory alluded us once again. It was a really fun season though!

Cole's birthday is this Friday the 16th, which happens to coincide with the release of this movie:

This trailer, with the Arcade Fire song, totally sold me. I can't wait!


Jana Porter said...

haha i couldn't go into a haunted basement because there is a really good chance i would pee my pants... hey it happens when your pregnant. and i love the onesies and even if you can't make a manly one i will still put my son in one just because you made it and because its super cool. we could match it with camo pants and it'll be fine. flower+camo pants=fine. last night was so fun and i wish i brought a camera but i didnt, i'm really not good at that kinda thing, something to work on before my son comes and i miss his whole life because "i forgot the camera" anyway thanks for a great post!

Derek and Kelli Hill said...

we must go to that movie together!

so i made that snowsuit thing. If you squint your eyes and hold it far away from you it actually looks pretty good. my sewing skills could use some more practice though. I will be out of town all week babysitting but next week we shall have a crafternoon.