Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Naki Family

Yesterday we went to a funeral for one of Cole's cousins. It was very touching. My mother-in-law accidentally walked into another funeral in a church down the street and picked up a program. The funeral was being held for a former BYU football player, Jared Naki Maile, who died unexpectedly last Friday. He was only 32 and he left behind a wife and 6 little girls, all between the ages of 10 and 1. You can look at their blog here. They're asking for donations for their family: I thought this was so sad and I'm sure every little bit would help.

(picture from the naki family website)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Does anyone know how long a car can run with the gas light on? I don't know where I picked this myth up, but I've always thought it was about 60 miles. Because of this, I frequently let my car run until she starts to stutter a little. I know this is probably bad for my car, but that 60 mile myth has always kept me reassured.

At 7:45 a.m. yesterday I ran out of gas on my way to work. My car coasted and locked up in the neighborhood of 100 North and 500 East. I walked the 9 blocks down to the gas station ("Thank Heaven for 7-11", indeed!) and bought a little gas can for 9 bucks.

I bought about $2 of gas, and walked the 9 blocks back. It took me 45 minutes and it was way better than sitting at work! It was cold and the leaves were falling and I got to contemplate things. Like how Provo is one of the only places that I could ask someone for a ride at the 7-11 and actually make it safely to my destination (I still decided against it). I also love the houses south of campus. Some of them are really cute and quaint. After working up an appetite, I treated myself to an egg McMuffin and then went to work. Such a lovely way to spend the morning, although I won't be coasting on empty anymore.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanks Dad!

My dad sent us a Halloween package this week. Hooray!

Pictured above are Kit Kats, 3 Musketeers, chocolate covered popcorn, a pumpkin lantern, a giant inflatable bat, apple butter, a tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce, nail clippers, and some very strange calendars from various charities my dad donates to, among other goodies. The randomness never ceases to amaze and delight! Thanks Dad!!! It made our day :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's about that time again

Last weekend was General Conference. We spent the weekend with Cole's family and I got to catch up on some of my craft projects. Conference was amazing as usual. I particularly liked President Monson's talk about service. I've started asking Cole at the end of the day if he's done anything good for anyone. It definitely gets our minds in the right place.

We got to spend time with this little girl:

She got ahold of a stuffed worm

I stitched her this onesie during Conference:

On Saturday night all the Ballard/Porter women went to a quaint (and haunted) little house that happens to sell home decor. The majority of us won a sweet door prize. Mary treated us to Scentsy candles, which are awesome, and almost all of us went exploring the haunted basement and closets of this Victorian home. I say almost because Jana and I chickened out.

Yesterday we played the championship softball game and lost 17-20. It was a close game all the way through. I finally got on base (2nd!) in the 7th inning, and scored our 16th point. Sadly, glory alluded us once again. It was a really fun season though!

Cole's birthday is this Friday the 16th, which happens to coincide with the release of this movie:

This trailer, with the Arcade Fire song, totally sold me. I can't wait!