Friday, September 4, 2009

We like, We like to Party-The Vengaboys

I love Cole's face in these

Porter's showing us how it's done

My best friends from back home: L to R: Linds, Bri, Me, Erin and Kim

"Stone Cold" Creamery catered

I had to post this first picture. It's just too weird not to.
Cole and I laugh about it; we're not quite sure what's going on there.

Waiting to be "announced"

Flower from Twigs and Honey

I inherited such a good looking family!

The parents


Jana Porter said...

your reception was awesome! i wish i could have been there! i LOVE the baloons and the flowers were beautiful! so so fun! and that picture with the heart... even funnier than i thought it would be.

Joel Deehr said...

No way, thats Janey Ballard from Nuskin right? So I guess she is cole's sister, but she has your eyes, which is interesting.

martha said...

i don't care what you say, your dress is AMAZING. and your reception is beautiful! i'm sad i missed it, for reals. love the balloons :)

Molly said...

PuhLEASE tell you drew that beautiful, squiggly, paint -program heart on your picture. Hahhaha! LOVE IT! T'wooo wuuv!

Brianna said...

how can i see more pictures of the altoona reception?? love love love the balloons!!! you are beautiful.. i sure do miss you <3