Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In other news...

A lot has happened recently so here are some highlights:

School started again, and I'm so happy to be back! I aspire to be one of those old ladies on campus whose backpacks have wheels. That's how much I love college. Sadly, August 31st was my last first day of school.

I went to Cabela's for the first time and it was quite the experience. I've never seen so many stuffed animals in my life! Or so many grown men with lust in their eyes, hovering over the gun case. It's another world. We watched them feed the pikes and other fish. To my surprise, they didn't feed them pellets, but living gold fish! Imagine the screams of horror as children watched their household pet get eaten alive: "Swim away, Nemo! Swim away!"

This is my buddy, Maisey. She's my 5 month old niece and she liked looking at those ugly suckers.

Here's another picture of her because she's just so darn cute!

I got Pennsylvania reception pictures back, which I'll be posting soon. I'm not so savvy with the collage-blogging thing, so I'll have to practice first.

I started volunteering at Project Read--an adult literacy program through the Provo library. Right now I'm tutoring a woman from Chile who is a grandmother. She's so motivated and eager to learn. I'm so excited to help her improve her life and to have her good influence rub off on me during the semester!

Cole and I officially have a trip booked to go to Hawaii over our first year anniversary! We're going to Oahu for about a week at the end of January. I've never been to Hawaii, so I'm ecstatic! I've already started planning our activities.

This should definitely get me through the long, cold Utah winter. We got a great deal through Apple Vacations/Travelzoo and it's going on until Sept. 4th, so if you want to come with us, check it out! Aloooha!


Derek and Kelli Hill said...

OH my goodness! Hawaii! I am so completely jealous. your niece is cute and I can't believe you're going to Hawaii in january.

Jana Porter said...

yay the hawaii trip is happening! so lucky! you gotta love cabelas huh, it's a whole different world there.. a world i'm not ready for! maisey kills me, she is so freakin cute! see you tonight... GOOOOOOOO TEAM!