Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We. Are. Fam-i-ly!

Photo courtesy of the Hills (and Cole's tripod)

In our church, we have a little something called FHE, or Family Home Evening, every Monday night. This particular Monday was special, because rather than our usual FHE repertoire of Cole and I's sometimes awkward hymn singing, a lesson, and an occasional argument, we invited over Molly and Andrew Hunter and Kelli and Derek Hill to be apart of our family night! We cooked up burgers on a grill in our "yard" and ate fresh corn on the cob, straight from my in-laws' garden. We played "Compatibility," a game that Cole and I still haven't won! The Hills took the victory, but I chalk it up to them being married the longest (a year and a half!).

It was a really fun night and the effects have carried over; I was extra cheery today thinking of our conversations about BYU Cable and the foreign language channels that broadcast French narration over videos of animals mating. Classic! I love my two adopted, blonde sisters and their hubbies!


Jana Porter said...

you guys are so good... you inspire me to have fhe even if its just shawn and me!

Molly said...

hahahah! OH MEGHAN! This picture is the one where I didn't know what to do with my hand, so I put it on Cole's bicep!! hahah:) Ohhh, so funny. I love us all. We are fun:)