Thursday, August 13, 2009

No rest for the wicked

Disclaimer: Dad, if you're reading this, follow the links above to my Christmas wishlist

I can't sleep. Criminy! If you are having the same problem, then the only advice I have for you is not to fight it. Just check out the lovely Etsy shops I've found instead. It's like sleepwalking and window shopping at the same time.


martha said...

lol i love that your tag says, "insomniatic shopping." and i also love you. verwey mucho.


Alex (and Trevor!) said...

So... one of the links is for cute little baby stuff... is there something you're not telling me?!?!? Haha! No... but really? :)

Joel Deehr said...

youre pregnant? I never see you at work, so I have no idea.