Monday, August 10, 2009

Verbal Alka Seltzer

Prayer is a matter of the heart.- President Eyring

I would also add that prayer is a relief. It is verbal Alka Seltzer for an unsettled mind. For example, sometimes I do a lot of griping. A lot. Sometimes it's difficult not to. My mind thinks it'll make me feel better. My mind is mainly wrong...about a lot of things. But this past Sunday I was reminded of a better way! Cole and I visted with a couple in our church, and I got to hear him give a beautiful lesson about prayer. Prayer makes me reevaluate and remember all that I have rather than the things that I don't. It helps me see the little things. And even though I must admit I'm still dreading work tomorrow, I have a little happy list in reserve to remind myself of why I love life:

1. A husband who finds a million new ways to make me laugh each day

2. Good friends to catch up with, who introduce me to awesome new movies, and who bake a dang good chocolate chip cookie (thanks Martha and Jess)

3. Little ones in the nursery who genuinely like my frog puppet act

4. Having a job

5. Things to look forward to: school starting and Christmas (especially)!

6. Making my niece giggle

7. Music to jam out to in the car: "Wake Up," "Us," "Vagabond"

8. BYU Book Exchange and the people who want to buy my books (you could be next)!

9, 10 & 11. Blogging, sleeping, and a Father who listens

Ahhh. Much better.


martha said...

dang girl. dang. AMEN!!!!!

i love you meghan, i really really really really do. you are awesome.

Jason & Janey said...

well said. Your neice misses your face!