Wednesday, August 5, 2009

6-Month Anniversary Sno Cone!

Last week was Cole and I's 6 month anniversary! We celebrated by getting my favorite sno cone from Glacier Pass Sno Cone Shack in good ole' Payson, UT. Here we are lovin' our sno cones and each other. Mmm Tequila Sunrise! Mmm husband! How I cherish you both.


Molly said...

Yay 6 months! Andrew and I are coming up on a year...that´s crazy to me. I´m an old married woman for real now. But YES, we should DEFINITELY hang out. I´m so excited to see you too!! It will be nice to be back in Provo...I keep forgetting all of the good things that Provo has, like good friends and good places to eat:) I can´t wait to see you! Once I get a working phone, I will call you. And I love that you wrote on my facebook and blog...I love email.

martha said...

lol what's wrong with cole's face? he looks depressed haha. i can't believe molly has been married a year and you for 6 months. geez. and tara has a baby. GEEZ.

Larissa said...

Happy Anniversary! Mmmm, that sno-cone looks de-lish!