Thursday, July 16, 2009

Up, Up, and Away

Here are the only Polaroids taken from our Pa. reception. We had 20 giant balloons decorating the country club, but for fear of us floating away, we scaled it down for pictures. I kind of love these, and I hope you do too! There will be more digitals coming soon.


Jana Porter said...

so cute and your hair looks awesome like that!

martha said...

oooo i love the balloons!! good call, love :) wish i could have been there.

Brianna said...

i had such a blast at your reception :) i'm so glad i could be there with you two. i absolutely love cole and very much approve & know the two of you will be happy for the rest of your lives. and i can rest easy at night knowing one of my best friends has found the only one meant to be with her. . . by the way, dont be surprised if you see large balloons at my upcoming wedding, what can i say, i too loved them!!!! ;) you're my inspiration haha

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