Monday, July 6, 2009

Quick Post

Cole and I are leaving in 3 days to go back to Pennsylvania...finally! We'll be there for 2 days for our wedding reception, and then we'll be in D.C. for a day. After a week home in Utah, we'll head off to Mexico for our real honeymoon (with friends)! It's gonna be a crazy month, so I just wanted to get in a quick post and keep you entertained with some recent Polaroids. There will be more coming after our trips! Hasta la vista for now!

Photo with (and signed by) Jackie Tohn

Sunday Family Shot

Waiting for fireworks to start


Ariel said...

I can't believe you have bangs! And you won $25! I'm jealous.

Brianna said...

ahh i cant wait till you come to PA!!!!!! :) safe travels!! <3 muahhh

Molly said...

Meghan! I love that you have a polaroid camera. Jealous...and that´s sweet about that girl at Sparks...I forget her name. Anyway, have fun in PA and have fun in Mexico!! Woo woo!

martha said...

i love you so much meghan, i hope you have a blast at home :) i'm sorry i can't be there!

i don't think i tell you this enough, but i think you and cole are so cool - i'm glad i have friends like you guys. :D

Renee and Brandon said...

Hey! I had to make our blog private so send me your email and I'll invite you!