Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexican Cruise with my Gringo Friends

Last week we cruised from L.A. to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta with three of Cole's best friends from high school and their wifies, whom I love! Here are the girls representing:

The better halves (L to R): Mrs. Shipp, Mrs. Kimball, Mrs. Ballard, Mrs. Porter

I will now give a quick recap of the trip.

Cabo: Risking our lives on a glassbottom snorkeling boat to save 50 bucks; Da-vid, our sweet boat driver; flying stingrays; leisurely boat ride; briefly snorkeling; swimming to the beach and sunning with the rest of the girls; great Mexican food at "The Office"

David and friends after snorkeling

I joined a mariachi band at "The Office"

Cooling down

Mazatlan: Bus ride around the city; pro cliff divers; "The Golden Mile," a.k.a. a block and a half of crappy shops; dirty beach; hot and sticky (Mazatlan was not my fav)

Puerto: Cobblestone streets; Jungle where they filmed "Predator"; zip line in the jungle; Mexican men that jumped out wearing Predator masks and called me Lucy Lui; lots and lots of good shopping; eating $50 worth of the best dang tacos in a thunderstorm with friends

Puerto rooftops

Cole and I in Puerto

No Pasar! Predator Zone!

The boat was where most of the fun happened though:

Getting our final smooch in before the ship goes down

Dave climbing the rock wall after hours

Alex dancing in Johnny Rockets

Dress up night


Jana Porter said...

how did you get your polaroids on here! great recaps ps

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

YAY!! And yes - how you do get polaroids on here? Anyway it was so much fun but my intestines are having a hard time. I hope I didn't pick up a parasite from all that Mexican tap water we drank! :( Oh no!

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! we bbq'ed in the canyon the other day all by our lonesome. we were going to invite you until we remembered you were gone-zo. As regards your last comment on my post: we might be able to work something out. what would cole do?

Heather said...

MEG!! I love these pics :) you look so happy!! I didn't even ask you about Mexico when I spoke to you today...sorry for being laaame :) anyway, I love you mucho my amiga!

martha said...

ooo i love all the descriptions! sounds like you had a blast. i'm jealous :) i loved just chillin' with you today. more!

ps. i would be willing to consider music for my unintended poetry. show me the musicians!