Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainy day thoughts

"Tut-tut, it looks like rain"-Winnie the Pooh

It's raining, but not only that, it's thunderstorming! I love thunderstorms. It reminds me of back east, playing in the rain with my friends and watching our chalk drawings wash away down the sidewalk. 

This is my Dad. Isn't he cute? I love him very much. Because of him I love to read and tell stories. Because of him, I've gotten to see the world. Because of him I know what it means to spend time with and love your family. It was his birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today Cole and I went to watch his family run the Utah Valley 5K. Cole's little brother, Porter, took 3rd place in his division!

Cole and I went to see Up last night. I bawled like a little girl in the first five minutes. Just a warning. 

I made a banana cream pie the other night. I was pretty proud of it.

The End.


Molly said...

You look SO cute in this picture, ps. And I WANT TO SEE "UP" SO BAD!! I think it'll only come out in Spanish here, though. That means waiting till stinkin' August.

But thanks for your comments. I won't be perming my hair, nooo worries:) But today this lady asked to cut my hair (she was cutting the kids hair...she's a hair stylist) and I said no. Haha! I'm afraid to get a foreign haircut. You never know what they'll do!

Anyway, I can't wait to hang out with you when I get back!!!

Kelli and Derek Hill said...

That pie is beautiful!

Jana Porter said...

awesome post, that pie looks so yummy and now i really want to see up, i love a good cry!

Brianna said...

i miss playing in the rain with you holms (ballard haha) !! i know, i read that whole post and the only thing i could focus on was the friends back east, playing in the rain!! haha i still have the magnet on my refrigerator that says "some ppl walk in the rain.. others just get wet" sure do miss you my friend :)

BEAZER said...

and i thought marthy was weird for being the only one crying in the whole theater...