Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Why do you let me stay here all by myself?"-She & Him

Mi amor is gone again tonight, so here I am. Jess and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then to the mall where we window-shopped and drooled over barrels of candy at The Candy Barrel. Jess would say, "Oh! Do you remember this candy from when we were kids?!" and I would say, "Actually, no." It was nostalgic. Speaking of nostalgia, I've had Queen stuck in my head for days now so here is my list of recent listens:

1. Queen {The whole Greatest Hits album}
2. Bad Company {Feel Like Makin' Love}
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers {Fight Like a Brave}
4. Elton John {Rocket Man}
5. Lady GaGa {Just Dance}
6. The Kooks {Naive}
7. She & Him {Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?}
8. Feist {My Moon My Man}


Jana Porter said...

feel free to just come on over if you get lonely!

martha said...

i approve of the list. excellent choice :) ps. next week alex and i are going to storm your apt and hang out with you and cole, whether you like it or not.

martha said...

also i really like this song by she and him. i always forget dear zooey is part of the band. i like her. :)