Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Baby, be prepared to be surprised..."

We did it! Can I get a "Whoop Whoop?"

Today is Cole and I's one week anniversary! Kinda crazy! The time is flying by. Just last week we were being ushered around the temple, a little nervous and a little giddy. All that planning and it's over in a flash. Now we're living in our tiny apartment, and there have definitely been some surprises. We're poor, like pb&j-three-meals-a-day-poor. I went from Dad paying for everything to crunching numbers and alotting money for vending machine purchases (16 cents a day). I wish I had been a litte more world-wise, but doing all this together makes it easier. There's a built-in support system that comes with all the surprises.

Other revelations: a double bed is a lot smaller than it looks. It probably wouldn't be that bad, but ours sinks in the middle, so even though we start on the outskirts, by morning, we've both been sucked into the vortex. I also didn't think I'd ever see Little Caesar's or McDonald's dollar menu as a treat. I didn't think I'd be heating leftover Little Caesar's in a frying pan because we don't have a microwave. I didn't know that frying pan pizza is actually really good. And I never knew I could be this happy or love someone this much. It's definitely going to be fun. It's time to join the ranks of married blogs, which means a facelift, more pictures and more posts that are coming soon!


Jana Porter said...

whoop! whoop! i cant wait to see you guys! and married life just gets better and better just you wait

Larissa said...

I'm SO SO excited that you have a married blog and I look forward reading all of your future entries. You look so beautiful!!!

Being poor is a crazy adjustment, but fun in its own way. It's amazing what kind of creativity it produces. Clearly you're off to a good start if you already have a budget figured out. You're gonna be the perfect wife-y!

Keep those pictures and entries coming. Congrats again. Love you!

Renee and Brandon said...

Oh my gosh Meg you are so cute! Congrats!!