Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm alive!

I've finally fought my way out of the black hole that was the month of November, which means it's time to blog! I have a bunch of random thoughts:

1st: Read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. It's a short book, but it is worth savoring. She won the Pulitzer Prize for it in 2004. I just wrote a 10-page paper about it, and I loved every minute of it (the book, not the paper).

2nd: I love the temple. I've been trying to get there for a while. My first attempt was thwarted by the fact that it was closed for cleaning, the second by a dang booter. Either way, I got there, and when I did, I thought of how my friend Heather describes going to the temple—she says it feels like going home, and I would have to agree. Going home to a place that is clean, quiet, and full of a feeling of peace, where everyone is equal. I remember reading recently that the only other place on earth that can be as sacred is the home, meaning our homes. That is exciting and it carries a lot of responsibility.

3rd: I love Christmas and what it means! Three talks have stood out to me recently about the life of the Savior: Elder Holland's article in the New Era, President Monson's talk at the Christmas devotional, and a BYU devotional given by Elder Bruce D. Porter called "A Child is Born." These were beautifully powerful testimonies of Jesus Christ and his life, and well worth the time.

4th: I love Matt Madsen. He's a comedian in the Thrillionaires, a sketch comedy group. He used to do Comedy Sportz and my friends and I were big fans. He'd always remember us and give us hugs. The Thrillionaires performed for my work Christmas party. So funny.

(Matt Madsen—the one second from the right trying to run off with the Vizio.)

5th: I love birthdays! My friend Tresa turned 22 on Dec. 8th and Cole's little sister turned 8 and was baptized! So we celebrated at Ruby River and Chuck E. Cheese (respectively). There is no better way to ring in 22 than with a big, juicy steak or the Big 8 than with a little skee ball and some nasty pizza.

(Ahh, the girls—first picture we've taken all together since probably sophomore year!)

(Chuck E. was missing an eye...freaky.)

Finally, I love turkey and family and football. In other words, Thanksgiving. We did Turkey Bowl with Cole's family. There were lots of almost pantsings and unintentional butt-grabbings, but all in good fun. Then 60 of his relatives came over to his house! I don't even think I have 60 relatives to invite to a holiday dinner. It was loud and fun and exhausting :)

(This is Cole's "I'm about to run a touchdown" pose. That's my "Please don't drop the ball" face.)

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Molly said...

girlfriend, there is one announcement that you forgot to post!! When are we getting together?